ManageIQ is an open source management platform for Hybrid IT. It can manage small and large environments, and supports multiple technologies such as virtual machines, public clouds and containers.

With ManageIQ you will be able to:

  • Continuous Discovery
    Connect ManageIQ to your virtualization, container, network, and storage management systems, where it will discover inventory, map relationships, and listen for changes. The result is a rich, up-to-date and cross-referenced dataset that forms the basis for our advanced management capabilities.
  • Self-service
    Define bundles of resources and publish them in a service catalog, from where they can be ordered by end users. Once provisioned, you can manage the full life cycle of a service, including policy, compliance, delegated operations, chargeback/showback, and retirement.
  • Compliance
    Scan the contents of your VMs, hosts, and containers, and combine with auto discovery data to create advanced security and compliance policies. Content scanning works without the help of an agent and therefore works for any VM including foreign and un-cooperative ones.
  • Optimization
    Capture metrics for your VMs, containers, and hosts to understand current utilization and normal operating ranges. Then use this data to find unused systems, get right-sizing recommendations, do capacity planning, and run what-if scenarios.


  • Agentless
    ManageIQ does not depend on agents, and is therefore extremely easy to install and operate.
  • SmartState Analysis
    SmartState analysis allows ManageIQ to peek inside virtual machines, containers and hosts to discover their contents.
  • Virtual Appliance
    ManageIQ is distributed as a single virtual appliance that is available for a wide variety of a platforms.
  • Scalable Architecture
    The ManageIQ virtual appliance can be deployed standalone, or as part of a federated global deployment.
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