Netmail Secure

Netmail Secure is email security for administrators who want to spend less time managing email. With easy-to-apply policies for attachment blocking, content filtering, and outbound limits, Netmail Secure protects organizations from both targeted attacks and unknown threats. Netmail Secure also reduces end-user complexity by providing easy-to-use email encryption software.

Email-Borne Threats

To respond to an ever-changing threat landscape, Netmail relies on a combination of advanced techniques including attachment blocking, malware analysis, and proactive virus detection to help organizations effectively detect and block targeted attacks, and quickly respond when a potential threat has been detected.

  • Attachment Blocking
    The Attachment Blocking feature of Netmail allows you to configure policies to block attachments by filename or Mime type to prevent new types of viruses or unwanted attachments from entering your system. Netmail also supports fingerprinting which prevents files from being sent through the system when their extension has been renamed.
  • Malware Analysis
    Netmail inspects executable files by comparing its hashtag against a database of white- and blacklisted items. If it is found on the whitelist, the inspected file is considered clean and also flagged to be excluded from future scans. Once a threat is blocked, its fingerprint is sent to a live network system to ward off future attacks.
  • Proactive Detection
    Netmail’s scanning engines uses several types of detection signatures for detecting malicious objects (files, processes, URLs, etc.). These signatures also rely on heuristics and emulation to evaluate the scanned sample which enables Netmail to detect new, previously-unknown, variants.

Data Loss Prevention

Netmail’s combination of outbound content filtering, anti-phishing technology, and advanced approval workflows ensure that your organization is protected from data loss, and allows you to confirm decisions to send encrypted messages, or make sure that DLP-flagged messages do not contravene your organization’s security policies.

  • Outbound Content Filtering
    Granular content filtering lets you quickly identify payment card data, debit and credit card numbers, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) within email and email attachments. Several pre-defined dictionaries are also included with Netmail to help you quickly apply appropriate content filters.
  • Anti-Phishing Technology
    Netmail’s Anti-Phishing technology protects you from attempts to acquire passwords, banking data and other sensitive information by fake websites, masquerading as legitimate ones. Outbound limits and suspicious link filtering lets you monitor unusual email behavior and identify potentially-compromised email accounts.
  • Advanced Approval Workflows
    With Netmail, you can let the software make all the decisions based on the policies you configured. You can assign Moderator privileges to users within your organization, which gives them permission to act as a Moderator and review outbound email messages before they’re sent.
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