Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager

Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager is a complete Exchange recovery, backup solution which facilitates to search, import/export and recover entire mailboxes or selected email items from corrupt information stores/edb files and Live Exchange servers.

The tool works succeeds in recovery of EDB files. The software is also capable to add Exchange Server, Office 365 and Outlook profile stores as a source. It comes with an many features which securely export added source, EDB files and source mailboxes to Outlook PST, Exchange Server, Office 365 and Outlook profile stores as well as Public EDB file or Single source mailbox to Live Exchange, Office 365 Public folder or Archive mailbox. The software is capable of adding source mailboxes items to export in various files formats like MSG, EML HTML, RTF, etc.

Key Features

  • Instant Recovery of added Exchange EDB files
    Exchange Recovery Manager comes with several features which swiftly recover the corrupted and non-corrupted Pub.EDB and Priv.EDB files which are inaccessible in Exchange server. The Exchange Server Recovery is designed in such a way to efficiently restores EDB mailboxes, folder hierarchy, items such as emails, contacts, calendar, notes, journals, etc. from corrupted and non-corrupted EDB files instantly without any alteration in its original files.
  • Add live exchange mailboxes & Office 365 as source
    The software provides the option to add exchange server mailboxes through the active directory (AD) by using windows server credentials. Giving full administrative rights to the added credential, so that the user can also access other mailboxes as well. It allows to export office 365 mailbox to pst which comes with delegation rights to access other mailboxes so that the user can migrate or export the added mailboxes to another target mailboxes such as live exchange, Office 365 along with the option to export in PST.
  • Add public folder, Archive mailbox & Outlook profile
    This feature offer the users to add Live Exchange/Office 365 public folder, archive mailboxes and export it into another Live Exchange/Office 365 public folder and archive mailbox folder without any hurdle. User-friendly interface helps to add Outlook stores with the option to select Outlook (preconfigured profiles) with proper folder hierarchy maintenance for the process of Outlook stores migration into PST, live exchange, and office 365.
  • Preview Option to Preview Source mailboxes items
    Preview option helps the users to easily get the preview of the source mailbox items before exporting the source mailboxes to PST, Live Exchange & Office 365. The preview option also allows to cross-check the source mailbox items and ensure the users about the accuracy and integrity of the product. User can see all item properties with MAPI tag.
  • Export in Live Exchange, Office 365 and Outlook Profiles
    User can export or migrate added source mailboxes into live exchange, Office 365 mailboxes & Outlook profile stores (mailboxes). In this feature, user can also migrate specific date range items and select message class (Item type) using automatic & manual mapping from source to target mailboxes. One can export added source mailbox in Live Exchange & Office365 public folder without damaging the mailbox integrity. The source mailbox can also be exported to Live Exchange & office365 archive mailbox without altering any mailbox data.
  • Convert EDB to PST
    EDB to PST converter provides the facility to extract and convert selected mailbox to new and existing PST file. Beside this, the tool also facilitates to restore all mailboxes from corrupt or backup EDB to new PST files. The software also allow to import/export mailbox items and transfer emails, contacts, calendars & other items between any Live Exchange server, Outlook Profile and Office 365.
  • PST file split option
    This feature helps to export the Source mailbox to multiple PST file, depends upon user requirement.
    By default the software creates a single PST file for single mailbox (1mailbox = 1 pst).
    In case limit of PST file size is defined by Outlook, then the software will automatically split the PST file after reaching to specified size limit.
  • Restore EDB Files
    Shoviv EDB Recovery Manager offers to recover data from corrupt offline EDB files and extract single or multiple mailboxes from Office 365, Live Exchange, PST, EML, MSG, HTML and RTF. More importantly, the software facilitates with the option to add large EDB files without having any obstructions in its size. It ensures that the recovery of corrupted and non-corrupted EDB files can take place smoothly without any additional support and hindrance.
  • Exchange Migration
    Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager offers a simple Exchange migration process for mailbox migration from offline EDB, Live Exchange Server and public folder to another Live Exchange Server, public folder and Office 365 mailboxes. It has auto-mapping option which helps the users to automatically map the source mailboxes with the target mailboxes only when the source mailbox is similar to the target mailbox. Additionally, user can also select manual mapping to map source mailbox to target mailbox upon their requirements.
  • Items search & filter option
    This feature helps to search items from added source mailboxes using different criteria’s such as subject, To, CC, BCC, From, item type, Attachment Name, read/Unread messages etc.
    It is suggested to use “semi-column (;)” to separate multi value search during the search process. User can select Include/Exclude option into given search bar. Beside this, the powerful filter option helps to include & exclude the source mailbox items and filter the messages based upon date ranges on its message class. Using filter class option, new message class can be added as per user requirement.
  • Save Source mailbox items in various file formats
    Exchange Recovery manager also facilitates to save the source mailbox items to various file formats such as HTML, EML, VCAL, VCard, MSG, MSG UNICODE, CAL, RTF, etc. The source mailbox items can easily import bulk files to the various file formats when selected in a single go.
  • Export and save report (status) in HTML format
    This beneficial feature allows to export and save the resultant reports when the exporting source mailboxes in various format gets completed. Once it is completed, the resultant status can be saved into HTML format.

A free demo/trial version of the software is available. Trial version processes the first 50 items per folder.

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