Shoviv Exchange Server Backup Tool

Exchange Server Backup and mailbox restore can only complete bare-metal restores, and it’s not prepared to perform granular restoration of mailbox items. In cases where a single deleted email or a folder has to be restored, the local solution offers a time-consuming and inefficient process.

Shoviv Exchange Server Backup and Restore Software is a picture-perfect tool for the flawless backup of Exchange Server mailboxes. The Software takes backup into PST files that can be open in all Outlook versions of Windows O.S. It has very user-friendly GUI with numerous user-oriented features. The Software provides Full and Incremental backup and offers an option to schedule backup jobs for periodic backup. It works concurrently and can run multiple jobs at a time. At the end of the process, the software generates a full report of the whole process which can be saved for the future. Shoviv Exchange Server Backup and Restore also allow restoring data to Exchange mailboxes from PST files.

Salient Features of Shoviv Exchange Server Backup and Restore:

  • User-centric Backup Process
    The Software is built with the user-friendly GUI hence offers an easy and efficient working. Due to the easily understandable processing, any novice and non-technical user can soundly complete the task. No technical expertise is needed for working with the Shoviv Exchange Server Backup and Restore.
  • Backup in PST File
    The Software takes Backup of Exchange Server Mailboxes into the PST files. The PST file can be opened in any version of MS Outlook and can be previewed hence very user-oriented. PST files are also very easy to port. Having a backup in PST file helps at the time when somehow users are not able to access Exchange Server.
  • Job-Based Backup Process
    Shoviv Exchange Server Backup and Restore Software runs over job-based backup processing. Only for once there is a need to create a connection with an Exchange to run the software. This feature provides rid of establishing connection all-time for taking backup.
  • Backup User Mailbox, Archive Mailbox & Public Folder
    The Software expertly takes backup of User Mailbox, Archive Mailbox and Public Folder. Having a backup of mailboxes provides you with a helping hand at the time if you are not able to access the Exchange Server. Backup of Archive Mailbox allows you to cut the subscription cost by deleting the mailboxes of any ex-employee. Backup of mailboxes is a boon when you have to retrieve the data if unfortunately, circumstances rise.
  • Schedule Backup Job for Timely Backup
    The Software provides an option to set the time for the backup. It facilitates users in having a timely backup. Users can select the option like Weekly, Monthly or Daily Backup and Software will periodically take backup on the given time. With this option, the user can be assured about the timely backup.
  • Full and Incremental backup
    It is an advanced option which provides the Full and Incremental backup. This option comes handy if due to any reason the backup process interrupts and again there is a need to start the backup process. Again when taking backup only the increased data of that period and remaining data of last backup process exports. Incremental Backup option prevents the duplicity of data.
  • Works Concomitantly and Run Multiple Jobs
    Shoviv Exchange Server Backup and Restore Software is built with the advanced algorithm thus it can do multiple tasks at a time. The software can accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously. I.e. it can run multiple jobs at a time and also can restore multiple mailboxes from PST to Exchange Server.
  • Option for Item Filter
    To provide a better working experience the software has user-oriented features. An option to filter items is also available. By this option, user can filter the data based on Message Class and Date Range also by Folder Filter option user can escape particular checked folders. The filter option provides rid of unwanted data.
  • Restores Backup
    This features of the software allow the user to restore data from PST file to Exchange Server. Users can restore multiple mailboxes in Exchange Server at a time. If users just want to read the emails, they can do this without restoring to Exchange Server.
  • Check the Report
    At the end of the whole process, the software provides a full report which includes all aspects of the process. It includes Folder name, item count, Processes Item, filtered Items, Failed items and Status within the report. Users can also save the report for future references.
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