Sysmalogic Active Directory Report Builder

Export active directory reports directly to Excel or to HTML template forms with schedules to email or folder. The Active Directory Report Builder gives you full control to change any of the built-in reports, build on top of them and save them with your customizations and search options. The application has lots of nice built-in features such as adding own schema attributes, automatic report scheduling, and domain connectivity options.

Select the category such as users to get the initial reports. Many of the reports have been designed to show precise results, such as show all locked out users in the current domain, show all users member of a specific group. Some other user-based reports include password reporting such as when passwords will expire or when passwords have been changed.

The application automatically detects your domains and their trusts partners and makes them available as connections. The way you create your reports is simple and you start by selecting where you want to get results from, for instance, the entire domain, specific OU or the entire forest. Save your reports to favorites for easy access. This is especially useful if you have multiple domains or a very large AD and want to make sure you are using the correct domain, connection server, OU search target, and specific columns.

The reporter also has non replicated attributes that can be in reports such as last login attribute, last login server, and user password information attributes. In this case, the reporter searches all active directory servers in order to get the results.

When the application is first installed a 30-day trial starts which have all features of the full paid version. Make sure to click the quick tutorial inside the application to get started with some nice tricks and tips!

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