Thinspace SkyDesk

Thinspace SkyDesk is part of the VSuite solution  providing shared hosted desktop and application delivery:

  • Remote Desktop Management Broker – centralize applications/desktops on Windows RDS and deliver them to managed PC’s, laptops and mobile devices using the SkySoft clients.
  • Simple Management – manage all of your windows applications/desktops and assign them to users centrally from one simple web management console.
  • Cost effective – shared hosted delivery model provides higher user density than VDI.
  • High Availability – load balance user sessions across multiple RDS server for high performance and redundancy.

Ease of Use

Thinspace SkyDesk seamlessly extends your Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services environment providing administrators features such as:

  • Single, web based management console to centrally manage servers, applications and users
  • One-click load balancing of applications
  • Graphical dashboard and notifications offering real-time monitoring and management of your environment
  • SkyDesk connection policies for controlling user environment
  • Track, monitor and manage user sessions including functions such as resetting or shadowing a session
  • One-click scalability of Thinspace SkyDesk components to servers, ‘on the fly’
  • Role based architecture offering built-in redundancy and failover
  • Plus much more…

Improve End-User Experience

IT can deliver the applications that users require dynamically without the need for complex training and provide support to them efficiently from a central management console. The user benefits from:

  • Familiar user experience with applications appearing no different to local applications eliminating the need for user training
  • Easy, intuitive access to your desktop and/or applications
  • Fast, reliable and always available access to applications
  • Web based application launchpad or desktop client
  • Ability to work from home or from any mobile device while they are away from the office
  • Access to the latest applications with a consistent user experience

iPad /Android Access for BYOD

More and more users are bringing their own devices into the workplace and expecting to use business applications from them. Thinspace Universal Client enables BYOD without IT having to change their business applications. Simply download and install the Thinspace Universal Client on the user device:

  • Provides access to applications and windows desktops from your iPad/iPhone or Android tablet device
  • The universal client connects to Thinspace OneGate and Skydesk/VDI solutions offering a simple access experience for users to run business applications such as Microsoft Office from their tablet device or smartphone.
  • Connect from in the office, at home or mobile. The universal client connects you to your applications securely wherever you are.

Secure Remote Access

Mobile working can increase user productivity by allowing access to the applications and data they need whether at home, or travelling regardless of location. Thinspace has solutions to enable

  • Secure remote access to applications for remote or mobile workers
  • Quick secure access to SkyDesk published desktops and applications using the simple, built-in Single Port Relay server in SkyDesk
  • Enterprise Remote Access – Thinspace Onegate is a hardened Linux based secure application gateway providing scalable, enterprise access to SkyDesk published desktops, applications and other corporate applications and data.
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