Turbonomic AI-Powered Application Resource Management (ARM) assures applications get the resources they need to perform in hybrid and multicloud environments. A modern strategy to assuring application performance is a holistic, top-down approach where applications are continuously resourced across the entire stack. This will ensure that applications are dynamic, highly adaptable and performant delivering positive business results. Turbonomic ARM has full stack visibility providing a common understanding across different layers of the infrastructure stack. It eliminates the need for multiple tool sets and siloed management at different layers of the stack. ARM assures that applications get the resources they need to perform by:

  • Using economic principles to drive infrastructure and cloud resource decisions at each layer of the stack.
  • Providing resourcing decisions that can be automated to continuously drive healthy application performance while enforcing business constraints.
  • Assuring resourcing actions adhere to SLOs with realtime validation by an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool

Key Benefits

  • Get Time Back to Think Bigger and Do More
    Continuously ensure application performance in real-time through automated infrastructure and cloud resource management.
  • Performance
    Turbonomic platform automatically and continuously assures performance, maintains compliance, and maximizes efficiency for you. With Turbonomic, you elevate yourself into more impactful decision-making.
  • Efficiency
    Business and IT constraints follow application workloads regardless of location and are enforced in real time.
  • Compliance
    Application workloads get exactly what they need when they need them.

Key Features

  • Unique Approach Makes All the Difference
    Turbonomic is application driven from the top down. Economic principles of supply and demand enable application workloads to be self-managing in real-time.
  • Full-Stack Optimization
    Understand workload interdependencies (from apps to infrastructure), workload consumption, and costs in real-time. It’s for you to know and Turbonomic to continuously optimize.
  • Quick and Accurate Planning
    Quickly simulate changes to the environment whether migrating to the cloud or scaling your hybrid cloud. Know what to buy or which cloud to migrate to.
  • Control the Container Wildfire
    In your highly dynamic and complex containerized environments, have our software continuously make the right resource decisions for you. Kubernetes (and any upstream distribution), Red Hat Openshift, CloudFoundry to name a few.
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