VEXXHOST is an infrastructure as a service provider based out of Canada. The company uses OpenStack as a base for all infrastructure offerings and provides both public and private cloud services. Other than cloud computing services, VEXXHOST also specialises in several cloud solutions, such as Kubernetes Enablement, Managed Zuul, OpenStack Upgrades and Consulting.

Currently running the largest OpenStack Public Cloud in Canada, the company also runs multiple Private Clouds of varying scales worldwide. With multiple solutions offerings and infrastructure experience, VEXXHOST provides an all-encompassing cloud ecosystem.

In addition to the option of NVIDIA accelerators as enterprise-grade GPUs, VEXXHOST is architecturally agnostic and provides the option of both Intel x86 and 64-bit Arm-based chips.

VEXXHOST’s high level of expertise and experience comes from its early association with OpenStack, starting from its second release in 2011.

Not only is VEXXHOST a part of the open-source community but also holds the title of Infrastructure Donor and Corporate Sponsor to OpenStack. CEO of VEXXHOST, Mohammed Naser, is a Project Team Lead of OpenStack Ansible Committee and a part of the OpenStack Technical Committee as an avid contributor. VEXXHOST is also a Silver member of the Linux Foundation and the CNCF, as well as a General Member of the Ceph Foundation.

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