Vircom modusGate

Vircom modusGate is a powerful on-premise email security solution that maximizes your ability to prevent spam, targeted phishing and more while ensuring you receive authentic emails and are protected at every endpoint against the advanced malicious threats that do make their way through.

The On-Premise Threat Protection You Need

A multiple VBSpam+ award winner, modusGate offers affordable on-premise Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware, URL Defense, Targeted Phishing Protection and our own directQuarantine Outlook Plugin. Its Artificial Intelligence Engine and real-time threat analysis catches over 99.95% of malicious emails with a 0% false positive rate (according to VBSpam tests), while also protecting you from domain spoofing and other popular methods of attack. modusGate’s new Threat Dashboard also gives you deep, up-to-the-minute intelligence on what email threats are being blocked from you users, giving you even more visibility on the risks you face.

Email Authentication Procedures

Authenticate against DMARC records of sender emails to ensure that your users receive only legitimate messages. Vircom’s modusGate allows you to manage and monitor your DMARC records, ensuring others can authenticate email against DMARC while protecting your brand improving your performance against Business Email Compromise (BEC), targeted phishing and email spoofing. modusGate now also includes Display Name Phishing Protection to offer high-profile users even more protection against impersonation attacks.

Microsoft Email Security Solution for Outlook

directQuarantine is a Microsoft Outlook plugin Vircom designed to give end-users total visibility and control over their quarantined messages and relieve IT administrators from day-to-day quarantine management. With directQuarantine users can view quarantined messages live, release false positives instantly, and sort and search emails with Outlook’s powerful search capabilities. DirectQuarantine supports MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007. Reported spam is continually implemented into our algorithms providing updated protection.

Cluster Setups

Vircom’s modusGate Blockade is a scalable and redundant email filtering solution that provides true peace of mind. modusGate Blockade adds fault tolerance and scalability over and above Vircom’s already reliable secure email gateway solution.

On Azure

Click-to-deploy configuration for modusGate on Azure means you can easily spin up a virtual machine that already has modusGate deployed, including your trial key, admin guide and more immediately accessible. As a Microsoft partner, Vircom ensures that our products work no matter your deployment, and make the most of your Azure licenses and credits with our on-premise gateway.

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