hybrid cloud

Cloud-native tools and solutions soar: A look back at a spectacular 2020

In 2020, the cloud-native community was a hotbed of innovation, producing tools and solutions at a breakneck pace. Here’s a…

7 months ago

How to manage endpoint devices in hybrid cloud environments

While hybrid cloud is popular, it also poses some challenges. One of these is how to effectively manage endpoints in…

9 months ago

Putting users in charge of their data even in a hybrid cloud environment

Can organizations control their users’ data and maintain compliance even when they are using untrusted applications in hybrid cloud environments?

10 months ago

Full circle: On-premises Exchange to Microsoft 365 — and back again

Migration from on-premises Exchange to Microsoft 365 may not be a one-way street. What about the companies that went to…

10 months ago

The evolution of backup: Interview with Altaro’s Simon Attard

Backup is not the glitziest part of an IT pro’s job, but it may be the most important. Simon Attard…

11 months ago

Using IIS as SMTP relay: Road map for running custom apps and devices with Exchange Online

Some companies migrating to Exchange Online have problems with custom apps sending email. Here’s how your existing software can still…

11 months ago

IBM unveils Power10 7nm CPU, aimed at enterprise hybrid cloud market

IBM has unveiled a revolutionary next-generation 7nm CPU aimed at the exploding hybrid cloud market. Here’s more on the new…

12 months ago

Qumulo raises $125M for cloud data management across a hybrid setup

Qumulo is an up-and-coming data management solution focusing on managing files in a hybrid setup. Here’s a look Qumulo’s key…

12 months ago

Cloud visibility: Go beyond metrics and logs to see what’s going on

Logs and metrics give you an idea of what’s going on with your cloud-native apps, but dedicated cloud visibility solutions…

1 year ago

How the rise of remote work is accelerating cloud migrations

The emergence of remote work as a dominant paradigm is having a big impact by spurring many companies to accelerate…

1 year ago