Nakivo gets physical with data backup in its v9.1 release

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SOS for SSDs: How to avoid solid-state drives firmware failure

Solid-state drives are great. They're terrific. They're blazing fast. Except when all SSDs suddenly fail at the same time.

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Dropbox or Google Drive for your business: A buyer’s guide

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Lost and found: An inside look into the data recovery business

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Dell Technologies World 2019: Data protection and management products

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Dell Technologies World 2019: Storage innovations

Dell Technologies World 2019 brought together IT leaders from around the world. Here are the top announcements about storage innovations…

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It’s gotta be here somewhere! Troubleshooting data availability issues

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Review: Software-defined storage platform DataCore

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Should you use Windows Server’s native storage deduplication?

Although enabling Windows’ storage deduplication is not always the best idea, there are situations in which this feature can be…

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Get better performance and efficiency with storage spaces direct

Microsoft’s storage spaces simplifies the deployment and management of software-defined storage and can boost your system’s performance.

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