Interpol launches all-out attack against strong encryption

In another assault on privacy, Interpol plans to join law enforcement agencies in the U.S., Australia, and the UK in…

10 months ago

FBI IC3 report: Cybercrime caused massive financial damage in 2018

The FBI's IC3 has released its annual report on cybercrime and the data is not encouraging, especially for older Americans.

1 year ago

Song remains the same: FBI gunning for encryption backdoor

The FBI has a new director, but it is singing the same old song. The bureau wants an encryption backdoor…

3 years ago

Case closed: Mirai botnet creators plead guilty

Mirai ran rampant last year, but those behind the malware won’t be creating new havoc anytime soon: The three Mirai…

3 years ago

Firefox and Tor release critical 0-day patch originating in FBI code

Firefox, Tor patch FBI related code exploit that poses great danger to normal users.

4 years ago

Pork Explosion could leave Android users charbroiled

A backdoor called Pork Explosion puts Android users in serious danger of having their devices taken over by hackers.

4 years ago

Big Brother wants to get bigger

The U.S. government is asking for an “adult conversation” with InfoSec professionals about encryption, but what they really want is…

4 years ago