400,000 Facebook users targeted in phishing campaign

Facebook's never-ending list of problems continues with this massive phishing campaign. Read on to see if you are one of…

3 months ago

Phishing campaign spoofs domain, targets computer vendors

A convincing-looking phishing campaign purportedly from a Texas government agency is targeting computer vendors in the state.

4 months ago

Netflix phishing attack targets users with ‘legitimate’ links

A dangerously effective Netflix phishing campaign claiming to be from Netflix support is set up in a way that it…

6 months ago

Instacart account data found on Dark Web, but company says it wasn’t hacked

Instacart account data is for sale on the Dark Web, according to reports. How it got there is a mystery,…

6 months ago

Hakbit ransomware campaign targeting specific European countries

The newly uncovered Hakbit ransomware campaign spread via spear-phishing emails may indicate a shift in the attack methodology of cybercriminals.

7 months ago

Microsoft warns of COVID-19-related spear-phishing campaign

COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon, and as Microsoft researchers have discovered, neither are dangerous spear-phishing emails related to…

8 months ago

Secure remote work during coronavirus begins with a good VPN

With many employees working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, security is a concern. A good VPN for remote work…

8 months ago

Phishing attack targeting remote workers’ Skype credentials

Use Skype for your remote work? Hackers are looking to lift your Skype credentials via an especially convincing phishing attack

9 months ago

Phishing attack nets $2.3 million from Texas school district

A Texas school district found out how easy it is to become the victim of a phishing attack. In this…

1 year ago

Cyberfraud and the growing threat of organized retail crime

Cyberfraud perpetrated by organized retail crime costs businesses an eye-popping $30 billion each year. Can anything be done about it?

1 year ago