OWA attachment blocking and the drafts folder

Below question was posted on the OWA 2003 board today, and quite frankly I wasn’t sure whether this issue could be fix with some kind of workaround or not. But I’ve just confirmed with an Exchange Program Manager, who says there’s currently nothing to do about. He forwarded the issue to the respective people on the Exchange team though.

Dear All,
I have fron-end and back-end server in my company. I want to block access attachment from OWA for out side user. I already change in registry of Exchange Server for that, you can review how to do that via:
http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/exchange/guides/E2k3ClientAccGuide/c0554fb9-f636-4c56-9cd5-ecb9bf5ae08a.mspx?mfr=true, user can not access attachment from outside via OWA. But there is still a bug in Exchange, if User copompose a new mail and attach an attachment file and then not send, they just save it in Draft folder, and then go outside, access Mail box via OWA, open Draft folder, they still can download the attachment file. So I want to ask if is there any solution to prevent that situation. Please help !!!

Thanks in advance.

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