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I’m a big fan of the Hey, Scripting Guy! column. Those guys have just compiled all the scripts from the first three years in one fully-searchable archive.

Hint: search for the word “exchange” and you’ll find very useful scripts.

The Hey, Scripting Guy! Archive: Volume 2 (August 2004 – September 2007)The first three years of the Hey, Scripting Guy! column (give or take a month) gathered together in one fully-searchable archive. This HTML help file includes all the text, graphics, and hyperlinks for well over 800 Hey, Scripting Guy! columns.


By the same time, the guys from Sesame Script also had the same idea, so if you’re in for scripting go ahead and download the Sesame Script, 2005-2007.

The complete collection of Sesame Script, the beginning scripting column published each month in the TechNet Script Center. All the columns published in the past two years (through the September, 2007 edition) have been collected in a fully-searchable help file, with individual topics arranged by category.

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