AAD Connect Beta

AAD Connect is the new tool that aims at simplifying the synchronization of the local Active Directory with Windows Azure Active Directory (used with Office 365.

This new tool is still in a beta version and can be downloaded through the Microsoft Connect site.

With the new AAD Connect wizard, administrators can connect their on premises and cloud identity infrastructure in a single, guided experience. Choose a solution based on your requirements, and the wizard guides you through the deployment and configuration steps required to get the connection up and running

  • Downloads and installs pre-requisites like the .NET Framework, Azure Active Directory Powershell Module and Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant
  • Downloads, installs and configures Dirsync (and in the future, AAD Sync), and enables it in your Azure tenant
  • Configures either password sync or AD FS, depending on which sign-on option you prefer, and including any required configuration in Azure
  • Checks to make sure it’s all working!

The AAD Connect wizard beta release provides a guided experience for integrating a single Active Directory forest with Windows Azure Active Directory.  In upcoming versions, we plan support multiple forests and directories.

Please also read the announcement at the

Connecting AD and Azure AD: Only 4 clicks with Azure AD Connect

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