Adding Hyper-V hosts to VMM 2012 SP1

I’ve recently started working with Hyper-V 2012 and System Center Virtual Machine Manager SP1 beta. Since VMM SP1 is beta, this is all work in my lab so that I can better familiarize myself with Microsoft’s tools and how they compare and contract with VMware’s.

One of the first tasks is to add Hyper-V 2012 hosts to VMM 2012 SP1. For vSphere administrators, this is akin to adding individual vSphere hosts to vCenter… except it’s not quite as simple as adding a vSphere host to vCenter is. That’s not to say that it’s difficult, but it’s a little rough around the edges compare to VMware.

For this post, I’m making the assumption that your Hyper-V 2012 servers are joined to a Windows domain.

To get started, open VMM, right-click All Hosts, and choose Add Hyper-V Hosts and Clusters.


When the Add Resource Wizard window opens, choose the Windows Server computers in a trusted Active Directory Domain option as shown below.


You’ll need to provide credentials for a user account with rights to manage the Hyper-V host (or hosts).


Next, provide the names of the Hyper-V hosts that you want to add to VMM’s umbrella.


VMM will ensure that the systems that you specified actually exist. Select the systems you’d like to add and then click Next.


On the Host Settings page, just click Next.


When the Summary page appears, click Finish.


When you’re done, you will see that the servers have been successfully added and their aggregated resources are now available in VMM.


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