Using advanced filters with Microsoft Azure subscriptions

In the past, we could filter Azure subscriptions by clicking on the Directory + Subscription item on the top bar (Item 1) in the Azure Portal. All subscriptions would be listed, and we could pick and choose the ones, and the resources associated with those subscriptions would be listed accordingly. But Azure changed the portal, and now when we click there, we are redirected to a new page where we can still select the subscriptions like before or use the advanced filters option (Item 2).

advanced filters with Microsoft Azure subscriptions

When we enabled a dialogue box will ask for confirmation. Click on Continue, and the portal will be refreshed.

advanced filters with Microsoft Azure subscriptions

Having the advanced filter enabled, we can create filters based on queries (simple but effective). The same initial page will have the queries that we can select from the list.

If we need a new filter, click on Modify advanced filters, and on the new page, click on Create a filter. In the new filter, we need to provide a name and define a query that can use either subscription ID, subscription name, or subscription state as filters.

With a structured naming convention, you can easily get all your environments, locations, cost center subscriptions with simple Azure advanced filters. Pretty powerful, eh?

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