Are you sick of movie reboots or do you enjoy seeing different origin stories?

This is very off topic, but it’s important to focus away from virtualization from time to time.

With the release of The Dark Knight Rises, we’ve come to the end of the Christopher Nolan vision for the Batman franchise.  This summer, we’ve also been treated to another reboot of the Spiderman series and, next summer, we’ll get to see part two of J. J. Abrams reimagining of the Star Trek universe.  Of course, we’ve also seen the excellent work that was done with The Avengers.  Although The Avengers was an origin story in the respect that it introduced the team, the individual characters had already been introduced in their own stories and The Avengers was a continuation of what had been started in that universe.

Do you want to know what I miss?  Star Trek IV: The Undiscovered Country. James Bond movie number coming out later this year, Skyfall.

We got six solid (ok, five since we can’t count Star Ttek V( solid movies out of the first Star Trek movie franchise and it was all done with the same actors.  The argument could be made that Star Trek: The Next Generation was in itself a reimagining of the Star Trek universe and it enjoyed a four movie run before being extinguished after Nemesis.  And, again, James Bond has hit number 23 and a large number of different actors have played out the title role.

My question: Why do we need to constantly reboot the various incarnations of our favorite franchises?  Nolan did a masterful job with Batman and created an incredible universe that can be leveraged for future work without having to continue to go back to the well and tell the story of how Bruce Wayne made the transition to Batman.  For Spiderman, although I liked the movie, did we really need to see Peter get bitten by a spider again?  Was there a reason that the director couldn’t have picked up from where the movies from the last decade left off?

For Star Trek, are we going to see three J.J. movies and then have to sit through another reboot that will tell the story once again of how Kirk and Spock came to be?  I hope not.  Is Hollywood so out of ideas that writers need to keep telling the same stories over and over?

What are your thoughts?  Do you enjoy seeing different directors’ takes on how or most popular characters came to be or would you rather see more directors take the James Bond route and traverse decades while telling new and interesting stories?

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