ASUS LN64-SLI Deluxe 4×4 motherboard

Nordichardware managed to grab a couple of pictures with reference to The Inquirer of the new ASUS motherboard for 4×4 platform developed by AMD.


The motherboard has a lot of features. Here is a quote from The Register :

In fact, an insane amount of them: 12 SATA-II connectors that can run two independent RAID5 arrays, 10 USB 2.0 ports (chipset supports 20), four hardware Gigabit Ethernet chips with TCP/IP Offload engine, each one with FirstPacket marchitecture. A teaming option is also available, so you can expect to be the server and the hub on every LAN party.

This seems like a really interesting platform for firewall/router/cache server or even for actual server running web, database and application services. This motherboard would also be a great foundation for a powerful graphics workstation. According to the original article the motherboard should be released at the end of November.

I hope that the price will not be stellar :-).

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