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Ali Qamar is a privacy and cybersecurity enthusiast. His work has been featured in major tech and security blogs, including InfosecInstitute, Hackread, ValueWalk, Intego, and SecurityAffairs. He is the founder and editor of now. Follow Ali on Twitter @AliQammar57.

How to Break a String in YAML

How to Break a String in YAML over Multiple Lines

YAML is a human-readable data serialization format. You can use it to store data for programs, and as an alternative to XML. YAML files are often used to store configuration files. YAML also allows you to break a string over multiple lines, which can be helpful when the string is too wide for our screen. Learn how to break a YAML string over multiple lines in this article.


WARP v. VPN: Which Is Better for Online Security?

In this article, you’ll find out what Cloudflare’s WARP application is and how you can protect your DNS queries from prying eyes. You’ll learn how WARP works and enables you to get web pages to load faster. Finally, you’ll discover the pros and cons of WARP and a VPN to decide which is best for your wireless internet needs.

What Is Network Segmentation?

What Is Network Segmentation?

Network segmentation is the process of dividing a network into sub-networks, called segments. You can mostly use the process for security reasons since it protects your network against attacks and breaches. To implement segmentation, you can use several methods, but VLANs and micro-segmentation are the most common ones. Learn about the 6 best practices for network segmentation that you can apply within your company.

Why You Should Implement Allowlisting to Boost Your Cybersecurity

Why You Should Implement Allowlisting to Boost Your Cybersecurity

Allowlisting is critical to your company’s cybersecurity because it helps you prevent many issues. Allowlists only give access to pre-approved individuals, so that stops intruders. You can allowlist IP and email addresses and applications. Combine allowlisting with blocklisting and other tools to boost your cybersecurity suite.

All You Need to Know About Zero Trust Network Access

ZTNA: All You Need to Know About Zero Trust Network Access

Zero trust network access (ZTNA) is becoming a buzz-word for IT and security professionals. Many companies are even looking to replace VPNs with ZTNA. That’s because it relies on a trustless method to grant access to assets and networks. It relies on authentication and authorization to verify users and devices.

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