Avast! Version 4.7.936

Avast! reached version 4.7.936.

avast! is a full-featured antivirus package.


  • higher performance of the scanning engine (especially on new CPUs) and faster start of the avast! system service on OS boot
  • improved support for Windows Vista (added support for NTFS transactions (also known as TxF) etc.)
  • improved detection of full-screen applications
  • fixed a bug related to the demo license not being installed during silent installs
  • improved compatibility with Windows offline folders
  • more improvements in executable unpackers
  • minor fixes in the ZIP unpacker
  • fixed Runtime error R6034 messages when Mozilla Thunderbird version 3.0 is installed
  • suppressed double scans when the user selected a local disk scan plus a folder scan (with the folder residing on the local disk)
  • added Catalan language module

You can access download pages for avast! products on this page: http://www.avast.com/eng/programs.html

Please note that if you are a home user you can use home version of Avast! for non-commercial purposes.

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