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For those IT Professionals who would like to plan their future career based on a job role rather than technology or platform, I suggest Microsoft’s Professional Career Chart. The chart is structured around the different roles we find in IT operations, management and software development based on Microsoft technologies. For example, an application developer can match his current job description, skills and experience with one of the roles defined in the chart, and see what job titles are relevant to his situation. In addition, he/she can check the typical next positions in his/her career and the associated learning roadmap.

With every job role or career you decide to pursue, there are a number of certifications and training options that would help you achieve your goal. Microsoft’s Training Catalogue is the place to go to find your training requirements by technology, certification or career. This Catalogue also allows you to find training resources according to your preferred method that is, classroom or self-guided online courses. So, if you are a Microsoft-based IT Professional and would like to take your career a step forward check the two sites mentioned above before taking any concrete decisions.

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