Citrix XenDesktop 7 Announced

During Citrix Synergy, what was Project Excalibur was announced as XenDesktop 7.  For the XenApp junkies out there (myself included), XenDesktop App Edition is the name.  Some of the new features of XenDesktop 7 are:

  • HDX Mobile – optimizations translate multi-touch gestures, finger swipes, and inertia into smooth navigation and scrolling commands that are relayed to the hosted Windows apps in real-time, without the need for re-writes.
  • HDX Mobile – also offers native menu controls that translate pull-down lists and complex mouse navigation into the native controls built in to the mobile device for smoother app navigation. This includes intelligent sensing of text-entry fields which automatically launches the local device keyboard when needed – while ensuring the underlying text box is visible.
  • HDX Windows App Mobilization SDK – gives enterprise developers the power to optimize their existing Windows apps for any mobile environment, including automated dynamic formatting of the app for horizontal or vertical display or different screen sizes.
  • HDX deep compression and redirection technologies – are specifically designed to deal with mobile broadband networks and consumer devices. IT can deliver full HD video over 3G networks, leveraging the power of smartphones and tablets to decode video graphics while offloading compression to the server side through shared GPU acceleration.
  • A redesigned Citrix StoreFront – unifies app and desktop access through a simple, consistent user experience, including seamless transitions between devices that pick up where the user left off – all while maintaining subscriptions for a continuous experience.
  • Clientless Receiver – allows for the rendering of apps and desktops in a browser, in the event that a native Receiver cannot be installed on a user’s device.





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