Collective Software Solves the Static NAT Problem for ISA Firewalls

For how many years have we been waiting for some kind of static NAT feature for our ISA firewalls? You know the scenario, we have multiple SMTP servers and multiple IP addresses bound to the external interface of the ISA firewall. We need to make sure that mail for the domains that we host shows the source IP address associated with the MX record for that domain, or at least represent a single rDNS record for that IP address.

Or, maybe you’re connecting to an external host who’s authenticating based on source IP address. The problem is, as you know, we couldn’t do any of these things with the ISA firewall because all outbound connections sourced from the primary IP address on the external interface of the firewall.

NO LONGER! Collective Software has developed a new tools, called IPBinder. Here’s what IPBinder can do for you:

  • Configure Access Rules to specify what IP address should be used as the local source address for outbound connections
  • Works with outbound HTTP Web Proxy traffic
  • Bind to any TCP protocol — such as outbound SMTP
  • Compatible with arrays where each server has different external IP addresses
  • Default behavior of Access Rules is preserved automatically unless you change them

For more information and to participate in the beta, check out the IPBinder page on the Collective Software Web site at:



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