CommVault outlines Simpana 10 at Tech Field Day 9

In the early 2000’s, as the IT Director at a college at the time looking for new backup and recovery software, I made the decision to jump to CommVault.  At the time, CommVault was a disruptive player in the backup and recovery space and they provided some compelling capabilities that we felt were necessary to meet our backup and recovery objectives.

However, over the years, I haven’t tracked CommVault all that much and it seemed that, for a while, they were kind of quiet.  At Tech Field Day 9, CommVault provided the conference attendees with proof that the company hasn’t been standing still and that they remain as relevant today as they were ten years ago.

CommVault provided in-depth information about their new SImpana 10 data protection and management software and boasted revenue of $496 million for FY13.  I see this as relevant information because this big number, along with the fact that CommVault has been around a while, and further combined with the fact that the company continues to innovate seems to me to be at least some proof that CommVaut has the capability to executive on its vision.

CommVault is very proud of the fact that they have built their entire product organically, and not through acquisitions and bolt-ons.  To that end, our presenter displayed a slide showing CommVault as architecting their own solution for each software feature area, including:

  • Backup and recovery
  • Archive, email, files, eDiscovery, and compliance
  • Data reduction, deduplication, and compression
  • Enterprise reporting
  • Replication, management, and continuous data protection
  • Desktop/laptop protection

Also on this slide was a list of CommVault competitors with the various acquisitions made by those competitors listed in each feature area.  It’s apparent that CommVault is working to make the case that their organically crafted solutions superior to their competitors’ conglomerated product mash ups.

I will be writing much more fully about CommVault in future posts.  For now, though, I recommend that you give the company a look as they’re back with a plan to make sure that they’re never forgotten again.

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