Core Informatics Uses AWS to Target Life Sciences

One such offering is a set of data management software tools for scientists from Core Informatics. The company, based on the work it has done with AWS, has been awarded an Amazon APN Life Sciences Competency.

Core Informatics’ tools “help to accelerate scientific research, collaboration and discovery, provides flexible, scalable, pay-as-you-go technology solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Life Sciences organizations around the globe,” the company explained.

The technology even has its own acronym – sPaaS – which stands for Scientific Platform-as-a-Service.

The vendor has supported AWS for the better part of six years and todays calls its offer Platform for Science.

“Platform for Science runs on AWS, allowing customers to scale up their environments as their needs grow and they add CROs (contract research organizations), CMOs (contract manufacturing organizations), or other partners to their research ecosystems. Platform for Science provides powerful RESTful APIs (application programming interfaces) which enable clients, partners and application developers to integrate data from existing software applications and instrumentation,’ Core said. “The use of AWS helps Core Informatics’ customers to collect and analyze scientific big data in support of NGS (Next Generation Sequencing), pharmaceutical drug discovery, ag-bio (agricultural biology), biotechnology, and other scientific research and development (R&D) areas. “

Enterome Bioscience is one customer happy with the solution. The company focuses on diseases of the gut, primarily be measuring what is going on the so-called gut microbiome. This research is leading to new approaches to diagnostics and next generation drug treatments to fight diseases such as Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD).

“Enterome uses Amazon Web Services for storing and managing metagenomic data, via Core Informatics, for the development of novel drugs and diagnostics to support personalized therapies in microbiome-related diseases. Cloud computing improves the efficiency of our IT environment in the maintenance and deployment of new resources,” says Nicolas Goffard, Bioinformatics Platform Manager at Enterome Bioscience.

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