December Newsletters Teaser newsletter – TMG Replacement Considerations: High Performance, ISA/TMG/UAG Content of the Month, Tip of the Month, and ISA/TMG/IAG/UAG Link of the Month newsletter – Windows 8.1: Ready to Roll?, Articles of Interest, Administrator KB Tip of the Month, Windows Networking Tip of the Month, and Windows Networking Links of the Month. newsletter – The Question of Education: Are IT departments meeting the goals of their organizations?, White Paper of the Month, Articles of Interest, Solutions of the Month, Free tool of the month, and Helpful Links. newsletter – Office 365: Allowing access to the Microsoft Datacenters the right way, Learning Zone Articles of Interest, KB Articles of the Month, and News of the Month. newsletter – Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, Windows Server 2012 Security from End to Edge and Beyond, Microsoft Security Bulletins for October 2013. Security Articles of Interest, Articles of Interest, and Windows Security Tip of the Month.

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