December Newsletters Teaser newsletter – You don’t have to trust the cloud – “Hybrid” is the name of the game and a hybrid reliability strategy will allow you to enjoy the portability and convenience of cloud storage and apps without losing sleep at night over whether a cloud outage will bring your business to its knees. Also in the newsletter, find Announcements & News: What’s Happening in the Cloud, CloudComputingAdmin Articles of Interest, Cloud Admin Tip of the Month, CloudComputingAdmin Links of the Month, and Cloud Q & A. newsletter – Goodbye, Lync and hello, Skype for Business – So far there’s been no official news on pricing/licensing structures but I would expect them to be similar to Lync. Also in the newsletter, find Articles of Interest, Administrator KB Tip of the Month, Windows Networking Tip of the Month, and Windows Networking Links of the Month plus the opportunity to ask the author a question! newsletter – Brief description of how to get involved with Puppet – the configuration management and automation tool that you can use to manage your entire environment.  Also in the newsletter, find White Paper of the Month, Articles of Interest, Solutions of the Month, Free tool of the month, and Helpful Links plus the opportunity to ask the author a question! – This month’s question is: What the best way to copy a VMware VM to a dev environment would be? newsletter – Clutter Me Here De-clutter Me There – The topic of this month’s newsletter is a new and very exciting feature referred to as “Clutter” that was announced by the Office 365 team back on November 11th 2014 and currently is being rolled out to Office 365 Business tenants. Also in the newsletter, find Learning Zone Articles of Interest, KB Articles of the Month, and News of the Month plus the opportunity to ask the author a question! newsletter – Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) Volume 17- Bulletproof SSL and TLS. Also in the newsletter, find Microsoft Security Bulletins, Windows Security Articles of Interest, Articles of Interest, and Windows Security Tip of the Month.

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