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How to delete a sprint when using Azure DevOps

When you manage your project and sprints in Azure DevOps, you may find it challenging to find the option to delete a sprint when using the Azure DevOps Portal. If it happened to you, you would see options to add and play around with them but there is no delete or manage sprint section visible.

Sprints are not that common. So, they really don’t deserve to get the real estate to delete them in the central area of Azure DevOps. However, we can do that. Here’s how: We need to go to Project Settings, and then under Project Configuration (Item 1), we will see the sprints, and from that list, we do have the Delete button (Item 2).

You might not use this functionality too often, but now you know about it — and where to find it when you do need it.

Anderson Patricio

Anderson Patricio is a Canadian MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management, and Office Server and Services, besides of the Microsoft Award he also holds a Solutions Master (MCSM) in Exchange, CISSP and several other certifications. Anderson contributes to the Microsoft Community with articles, tutorials, blog posts, twitter, forums and book reviews. He is a regular contributor here at,, and Anderson (Portuguese).

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Anderson Patricio

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