6 dependable antivirus tools for SMBs running Windows 10

Cyberattacks are growing at an alarming rate every year. Hackers are creating new ways to get into your system and it’s getting tougher to keep them out. Two in every three SMBs are prone to these attacks. Some big name antivirus tools might guarantee you all-around protection, but as much as a scant 26 percent are effective at what they promise. So how do you decide which antivirus is best for your Windows 10 PC? Before you decide which antivirus software to buy in 2019, understand the sort of protection you need. You need an antivirus that also serves as an anti-malware, anti-phishing and provides network security in real-time. We have looked at various antivirus software products available in the market based on their all-around protection and compiled a list. Let’s look at six dependable antivirus tools for SMBs using Windows 10.

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Small Office Security

The recent 2019 version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus gives complete protection against malware and viruses. It does most of the shielding but is still a lightweight antivirus for Windows 10-based PCs. For an SMB, Kaspersky can provide cost-effective overall protection with a user-friendly interface. Kaspersky provides protection in real-time against multiple threats. Web protection, blocking dangerous URLs, core security essentials, blocking (on-demand and on-access scans) malware – these and similar features are powered by an accurate anti-threat engine that detects and removes threats from your PC. Additionally, Kaspersky also offers Kaspersky Small Office Security, which protects your system from threats like worms, viruses, Trojans, and spyware and is a good bet for SMBs. SOfS enables you to control every device in your network at the same time from one common hub. Other business-based protection features include complete encryption of files, cloud-based monitoring management, anti-spam mode and password protection. The real-time cloud protection will not slow down your PC.

Windows Defender

To prove that the virus protection in Windows 10 good enough for your SMB, let us tell you that Windows Defender was given a 99.1 percent protection rating in a recent survey. The free in-built antivirus is just as effective as some expensive antivirus products. The reason to choose Windows Defender is that there is no extra configuration required and it consumes very little system resources even when it is scanning for threats. It is a lightweight antivirus software which runs in the background and gives you the liberty to work on other tasks.

AVG Business Security

This version of AVG is specially made for small businesses, and that makes it a reliable go-to choice if you’re an SMB. The software comes in Antivirus Business Security edition and Internet Security Business edition; choose one depending on the features your SMB requires. The CyberCapture feature sends the links of all the unrecognized files to the main server for thorough detection. The option of remote management lets you monitor and manage all the devices in your office. The network feature of this antivirus protects your SMB against malware and phishing.


The primary advantage of using Avast antivirus for Windows 10 PCs is that it will never slow down the processing speed. Avast is one of the oldest antivirus software and comes in both free and cost-effective premium business edition for merely $35 a year. Avast’s threat database is regularly updated with usage data from 400 million active users worldwide. The new gaming mode and silent mode blocks unnecessary pop-ups and lets the app run in the background. If you are an SMB that uses heavy software for modeling, these modes let you fire that processor to its full capacity without wearing down the performance.


As an SMB, you are always looking for the best antivirus in 2019 for your business and BitDefender is a product that touches all the bases. The accurate malware detection, virus protection, and network security use latest technologies like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) with an excellent antivirus core-engine.

In a nutshell

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Even though you might come across a wide range of antivirus products in the market, the first thing you should look for is the lab results. Lab results give you an actual rating of the performance of the antivirus tool. We understand that sometimes you feel as if you’re compelled to buy expensive software. But an important feature to look out for is real-time protection, which means that the antivirus is able to scan all incoming files and URLs. It’s like having security personnel at the entrance that check for legitimate IDs before letting anyone in.

Our choice: BitDefender Antivirus+ version 2019.  Not only does it give your SMB airtight protection against all threats but it does that on a regular basis consistently. Its premium license is also moderately priced and is the best antivirus software available in the market today.

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  2. There are tons of antiviruses available on the market but not all are dependable. To choose the most dependable antivirus one must research thoroughly & read as many reviews as possible. Also, if possible ask the people in person about those antiviruses. This list here seems decent to me as well.

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