Ditch VMware for Hyper-V… maybe?

There have been some relatively high profile stories in recent months describing organizations that have eschewed VMware in favor of Hyper-V. Just this week, the City of Milwaukee’s migration was highlighted in a Microsoft case study. This this case study, a number of compelling statistics are highlighted, including IT productivity increases of 50%, 10% higher availability, and lower overall costs.

I like Hyper-V. I use it in my home lab. However, I’m not yet ready to ditch VMware at work to replace it with Hyper-V. Although I’m always interested in running cost-effective solutions, with 95% of our systems running on virtual machines, that layer is incredibly important to our success and we use a number of VMware’s features on a regular basis, such as vMotion and even Storage vMotion. We also make heavy use of DRS to balance workloads and ensure high availability.

I know Microsoft can do some of this, but given the risks of moving away from what has been a really solid platform, I’m hesitant to even consider a change.

For those of you that have gone through a similar thought process, what did you consider and what was your ultimate decision?

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