Generating and testing fake data to validate DLP policies in Office 365

During your data loss prevention policies implementation, you will look for ways to test it, and in this article, we will cover the process to generate the info required to do so in the Office 365 console. First of all, generating the DLP policies information to test has to be our starting point. There are plenty of sites out there to generate fake information about credit cards that you can use to generate this data. One of my favorites is Fake Person Generator. Just select the brand of the credit card, the quantity, and if you want to test from a specific country. Then click on generate.

DLP policies

The next step is to grab all the credit card information provided on the website and save it in a word document.

Then logged in the Office 365 Security and Compliance page, click on Classifications, sensitive info types, and select the information that we want to validate, in our case Credit Card Number. A new blade will be displayed on the right side. Click on test type.

DLP policies

In the new blade, click on the square box and provide the Word document that has all fake credit card information, and click on Test.

In the Match results page, the confidence level, number of matches, and the actual matches will be displayed.

Now that we have a piece of solid information about the data that we are testing, we can use that data to perform the actual tests on Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive DLP policies.

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