EBS Security Demo and PM Interview

From the Web site:

“Lingan Satkunanathan, program manager on the Essential Business Server team, tells us about a number of different things around security in EBS.  More specifically, some of the things he covers are:

  • How EBS locks down security out of the box
  • What security settings you might need to change after setup
  • IPSec, NAP, and group policy security settings

At 10:00, we get a demo of the EBS security management tab/console which includes:

  • Firewall tasks and settings
  • Forefront Client Security / Client AV story
  • Email Anti-Malware / Anti-Spam

At the end we finish with a peek into the future of EBS with things like Forefront Stirling integration”

Check out the Webcast at http://edge.technet.com/Media/EBS-Security-demo-and-PM-interview/



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