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Great post about Exchange 2003 mobile messaging over at Eileen Brown’s blog

Every month I get an internal email newsletter from David in Denver. He’s a technical specialist focused on Exchange, so our paths cross quite a bit (I last saw him during out Exchange 12 training in Redmond in January). Well, he hasn’t got a blog (why David?) which is strange, because his newsletters are full of the most amazing hints and tips, and have a full collection of technical resources in one place. So I’ve pinched the lot from his latest newsletter for wider distribution. He was planning to deliver a mobility tour in the US in February and collated all of these links. So with apologies if you’ve seen these before, and thanks to David for doing such a great job, here are all of his links on Exchange and mobility:

Step By Step Guide to setting up Windows Mobile and Exchange Server 2003: Microsoft IT Scalability Experience With Windows Mobile Exchange Server 2003: Exchange Server ActiveSync (EAS) FAQ:

Exchange Server 2003 documentation:

• Chapter 6, “Managing Client Access to Exchange Server” in the Exchange Server 2003 Administration Guide
• Chapter 8, “Configuring Exchange Server 2003 for Client Access” in the Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Guide
Client Access Guide for Exchange Server 2003:     

Windows Mobile Enterprise Resource Kit:

Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync Certificate-Based Authentication Deployment (English only)
Provides several tools to help an Exchange administrator configure and validate client certificate authentication for Exchange Server ActiveSync.

Exchange Server ActiveSync Mobile Web Admin Tool
The Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync Web Administration tool enables administrators to manage the process of remotely erasing lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised mobile devices.

By using the Exchange Server ActiveSync Web Administration Web tool, administrators can perform the following actions:

• View a list of all devices that are being used by any enterprise user
• Select/De-select devices to be remotely erased
• View the status of pending remote erase requests for each device
• View a transaction log that indicates which administrators have issued remote erase commands, in addition to the devices those commands pertained to

The Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync Web Administration Tool is designed for use With Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 and compatible mobile devices.


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