Exchange Online Developer Guide


Microsoft released the Exchange Online Developer Guide.

This document shows how to use exchange web services to programmatically communicate with exchange online. Some key scenarios such as integration with Azure are also documented.

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Table of Contents

  About Exchange Online
  Features of Exchange Online
Exchange Web Services
  Using Autogenerated Proxy
    Proxy Generation
    Creating a Proxy Reference
    Adding a Web Reference to a Visual Studio 2008 Project
    Creating an Exchange Web Services Client Application1
  Available Operations
Autodiscover Service
  Autodiscover Lookup Logic
  Autodiscover Service Sample Application	
Integration Scenarios
  Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0
    Task 1: Create the Wrapper Class
    Task 2: Add Reference of the Wrapper Class
    Task 3: Invoke the Wrapper Class
  Integration with Windows Azure
    Task 1: Create an Online Project
    Task 2: Create a Web Cloud Service
    Task 3: Deploy Web Cloud Service on Windows Azure
    Windows Azure Resources
Generating an Exchange Web Services Proxy for Java
  Prepare the Java-Related WSDL File
  Generate the Proxy
  Create a Java Project
  Create the Java Client Application
More Information
Appendix: Autodiscover Sample Application
  Sample Application Overview
    Code Sample for Autodiscover Call	

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