Exchange Online Protection Reporting Workbook for Office 365 Preview

The Exchange Online Protection Reporting Workbook for Office 365 Preview is now available to download.

Brief Description
This download includes a workbook and associated customization to show reports based on the Exchange Online Protection reporting web service.

The Exchange Online Protection Reporting Workbook provides a way to view messaging traffic data and message detail information using the reporting web service.
The application is built as a customized Microsoft Excel workbook and uses Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel. In the workbook, users fetch the data from the reporting web service, use it to populate a PowerPivot model, use the PowerPivot model data to render charts in Excel, and to provide PivotTable and slicer capabilities.
The PivotTable also supports drill through. This allows you to double-click on a cell in the PivotTable and drill through to the underlying message-level metadata. This message-level data is loaded into a simple table for list, sort, and filter capabilities.
The application is packaged as a compressed file that contains the Excel workbook along with the required manifest files and binaries that define and implement the customization.

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