Forefront TMG Administrators Companion Getting Pressed

imageYay! Tom doesn’t have to get up at 5AM and work into the wee hours of the night anymore. Why? Because he, Jim Harrison, Yuri Diogenes and Mohit Saxena are done with the TMG Administrators Companion and its going to press NOW!

(Oh wait, Tom just took a job with Microsoft, and he’s writing a new Forefront book with Yuri too , and now he’s getting up at 4AM and working later….oh well)

I’ve had a chance to review of few of the chapters in this book and I can say that Jim, Yuri, Mohit and Tom did almost as good a job as I could have done 🙂

Honestly, I’m greatly impressed by the work they’ve done. They’ve been able to take advantage of their unique positions within Microsoft, and as TMG admins themselves, and produce something that is going to be of exceptional use to the TMG administrator

It’s good to see that such a impressive collection of gentleman could take over the duty of creating the new “bible” for Microsoft’s powerful firewall – the Forefront Threat Management Gateway.

Order your copy now from Amazon before they’re all gone!



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