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image The future of publishing and Microsoft remote access is Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG). UAG is the focal point for all new development and innovation when it comes to remote access connections to your network. What does UAG include:

  • SSL VPN Gateway and Portal
  • Reverse Proxy with advanced application layer inspection
  • SSL port forwarding and socket forwarding
  • Remote Access SSTP VPN server
  • Remote Access network level SSL VPN over Network Connector
  • Remote Desktop Services Gateway
  • DirectAccess Server

All these remote access technologies are included in the same box, and they’re configured with easy to use wizards. However, when there’s so much stuff in one box, you might want to read a little bit about all the gifts in that box!

The UAG user assistance team has put together a fantastic collection of documents to help you get up to speed on many of the UAG remote access components. What I really like about his collection is that they’ve made them available as .doc downloads. While I like Web content for light reading and searchability, there’s nothing like a Word .doc when you want to hunker down and learn a technology.

Check out this collection over docs on at the UAG Team blog site at:



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