Forefront UAG DirectAccess deployment guide

image OK. You’ve read my blog posts about DirectAccess and you’ve decided that instead of being scared off, you’re going to take the bull by the horns and give it a try. You’ve prepared for the experience by taking a week off work, sending your family to Tahiti, turning off your phone lines, and boarding up your doors and windows so that you can concentrate at the task at hand.

What’s the next step? First, install UAG 2010 RC0 in your virtual lab. Make sure you read the release notes and have all the prerequisites installed and that you have the right supporting network infrastructure in your lab.

After that – head on over to the Forefront UAG DirectAccess Deployment Guide.

I suggest you read the entire guide first and identify the concepts that you don’t understand. After you figure out what you don’t understand, then search for information on those topics so that you understand them. You’re welcome to ask questions on our Web boards and we’ll try to help.

Once you understand the basic requirements and all the IPv6 stuff that you’ll encounter, then you’re ready to get to work.

You can find the DA Deployment Guide for UAG over at:



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