Free eBook: Applying protection for email on iOS and Android devices

An implementation guide to help you manage mobile devices and applications

You and your IT team know all too well how crucial it is to protect your organization’s information no matter how or where employees access it. That means you have to manage not only the ever-increasing tide of devices flowing into your organization, but also any applications that touch corporate assets.

To help you protect corporate resources—while keeping users productive, we created an eBook that guides you through a comprehensive series of exercises for cloud-based management of mobile devices and applications.

Download the free eBook now to find out how to implement robust, flexible policies for mobile device and application management, including:

  • Enrolling and managing devices
  • Conditional access to Exchange email
  • ActiveSync for Exchange email profiles
  • Managing apps on both enrolled and un-enrolled devices
  • Deploying applications to managed devices
  • Enabling multi-factor authentication for mobile device management

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