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GigJam is a new way to work with your documents and SaaS information. Quickly share only what you want – and nothing you don’t – from any source, on any device, safe and securely.

  • Need to discuss a draft contract? Temporarily send over just the right paragraphs to your customer without leaving anything behind.
  • Need vendor help filling in order details? Summon your Outlook email and related Salesforce orders, hide the price, and beam the sanitized info live to their phone for editing.
  • In a team huddle? Share a product photo with the person on your left, the photo plus a marketing deck with your colleague on the right, or pool all the information together on a 3rd person’s device.

With GigJam you can:

  • Share documents directly from your desktop, email attachments, and online services
  • Summon information from leading SaaS providers, such as O365, Wunderlist, Asana and more
  • Completely control what’s shared by simply crossing out information to hide images and text

If you are using a work or school credentials to access LOB systems, your organization may have policies regarding sharing of content, and you should consult with your IT department if you have any questions.

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