Hackers broaden their attacks (You could be the next target)

A number of high profile hack attacks have surfaced this past week, including attacks on such dissimilar organizations as Lockheed Martin and the Public Broadcasting System. And it’s not happening only in the U.S.; the problem is increasing in other countries, too. Two of South Korea’s largest banks came under attack recently, and experts are warning that “almost anyone is a target.”


Some think that because their businesses are small, they’re far enough under the radar to be invisible (or at least of no interest) to attackers – but this isn’t necessarily true. A recent Security News report shows that small companies are being targeted, as well:


Bottom line: Nobody is safe, and it’s essential that all organizations take the threat of a cyberattack seriously. That starts with a two pronged approach: technological measures such as intrusion detection devices, anti-virus and anti-malware, prompt updating of systems and applications, plus “human factor” precautions that include educating employees and establishing and enforcing policies to prohibit activities that put the company’s network and computers at risk:


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