Help Customers protect their Offline Virtual Machines from Security Threats

imageYour Customers’ Offline Virtual Machines Are At Risk!

Every day, attackers attempt to invade your customers’ networks and access their servers-to infect them with viruses, or steal information about customers or employees. 

Customers may think that their offline, virtualized servers are safe.  But the truth is, offline machines are often not kept up to date with the latest security patches.  And when those machines are brought back online, they become instantly vulnerable to penetration.   That’s where you come in.  Your customers need your expert guidance to keep their offline virtualized servers up to date, and safe from attack. 

Need guidance and tools to keep your customers’ offline virtualized machines in step with the latest security fixes?  The Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool has free, tested guidance and automated tools to help you get the job done, quickly and reliably.  

Join us for a free, invitation-only Webcast, and learn how you can help customers automatically keep their virtualized machines updated and safe from adversaries.   We’ll demonstrate how you can:

Boost the security of your customers’ network infrastructure
Lower IT service costs labor costs by automating the process of offline VM patching
Increase productivity by reducing the time needed to securely bring virtualized servers back online..”

Check out this valuable webcast over at:



Thomas W Shinder, M.D., MCSE
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Prowess Consulting

PROWESS CONSULTING | Microsoft Forefront Security Specialist
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