Help Desk as a Service

For large corporations it may be justified to have a highly customized and expensive IT help desk system that maintains sophisticated change and release processes. It may include sophisticated identity and access controls, or develop “best practices” based on standards, such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and all this aligned with the business objectives. It is assumed that the necessary resources to support the system are available within large corporations. But what if these resources are unavailable or you don’t have the necessary funds to purchase and sustain a similar system? Within SMEs the biggest headache is the lack of resources, not to menetion the up-front costs of hardware and software, and inexistent processes and policies. With the current trend of cloud-based services, an SME can leverage the cloud to enjoy a fully-fledged IT Help desk system.

The benefits of shifting the administrative burden of Help Desk systems to the cloud are:

•           Reducing costs while improving quality of service

•           Eliminating manual work and encouraging self-service

•           Speeding up compliance and implementation of best practices

•           Make it easy to add new capabilities as needed

To read more and try out a Cloud-based Help Desk platform go here.


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