How to protect Exchange with DPM 2010

Microsoft updated recently its whitepaper about protecting Exchange Server with Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010: How to protect Exchange with DPM 2010 whitepaper.

There are similar whitepapers for SharePoint and SQL.

Brief Description
Whitepaper on why and how to protect Exchange data with DPM 2010

“This paper outlines benefits of using Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 (DPM) for your Microsoft Exchange data protection needs. These include:

  • DPM 2010 provides specific protection for Windows environments and products, namely SharePoint, Exchange Server, and SQL Server.
  • DPM 2010 offers enhanced and improved methods of backing up to tape, disk, or hosted servers.
  • DPM 2010 offers a streamlined interface administrators need in order to work through complex tasks.
  • DPM 2010 provides advanced mailbox and mailbox database recoverability options beyond those provided by the implementation of Exchange 2007 continuous replication (LCR, CCR and SCR) and Exchange 2010 Database Availability Groups (DAG).”

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