How to Securely Deploy iPhones With Exchange ActiveSync in the Enterprise

How to Securely Deploy iPhones With Exchange ActiveSync in the Enterprise – The Complete Cookbook is a compilation in PDF format of a series of articles that Jeff Guillet (MVP) has written is blog:

I’ve been working on a solution for quite a while to securely deploy iPhones in the enterprise.  
This solution should work exactly the same way on the Apple iPad and should port over fairly easy to the Droid and other non-Microsoft ActiveSync-enabled phones, with some minor changes.
I’ll be writing a 7 part series of articles that document all the steps. I’m sure there are other ways to do this, but I can assure you, none of them are documented. (Hint to Apple:
This is not documentation, and neither is the iPhone Enterprise Deployment Guide.)
In the scenario I’ll be documenting, the customer wants to configure Exchange ActiveSync to provide mobile access to email, calendars and contacts for iPhone users.  To make it more challenging (and slightly more complicated), the customer has Exchange 2003 mailbox servers with Exchange 2007 or 2010 Client Access Servers.
The requirements for deployment are such:

  • Only authorized ActiveSync users can access their Exchange email, contacts and calendars
  • Only authorized devices (iPhone 3GS) are allowed to use Exchange ActiveSync
  • Ability for users to configure/reconfigure ActiveSync for their iPhones over the air
  • Information stored on the iPhone must be encrypted
  • Capability to remotely wipe iPhones in the event of a security breach (wipes performed by end user or authorized administrator)
  • Easy roles-based administration

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