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In some countries, more and more families have 2 (or even 3) PC’s: one for the parents, used for business work – one for the children, to play (and to do some school-work……) Both like to connect to the Internet. But in most houses, there is only one phone-line. On Windows95, the first version of Windows98 and on Windows NT-systems, a PROXY-server could be installed to allow the sharing of the connection to the Internet.

With Windows98 SE (you can upgrade Windows98 first version to 98SE) and the new Windows 2000, Microsoft has now included this functionality as: Internet Connection Sharing ( ICS )

The system with the modem, establishing the connection to the Internet, is called the “ICS Host“, while the other systems, which connect now to the Internet via the network and the ICS-Host, are called “ICS Clients“.

ICS Host Installation

ICS Host Configuration Check

ICS Client Installation on Windows 95/98/ME

ICS Usage

ICS Advanced Configuration

Windows NT4 ICS Client Installation

Windows 2000 ICS Client Installation

Modem Internet Connection Sharing via Direct-Connection-Cable (DCC)

If your system with the Internet Connection does not have the Microsoft feature ICS (like on Windows95, Windows98 First Edition and Windows NT4) , then you can use a Non-Microsoft package for Internet Connection Sharing. The Microsoft Windows98SE, ME, 2000 “Internet Connection Sharing” does not work for sharing a connection via a Direct-Cable-Connection, but using Non-Microsoft packages you can share an Internet Connection via a Direct-Cable-Connection (DCC).

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