ICT Partnership Expands to Provide Solution for SA’s Bandwidth Woes Using ISA Firewalls

South African businesses will get more bang for their bandwidth buck thanks to a recent partnership between Microsoft ISA Firewalls and Citrix Systems.

This is after recent studies by the South Africa Foundation into telecommunications pricing, which found our bandwidth cost to be 399% more expensive than the average country surveyed.

The solution, WAN optimization and acceleration technology, will reduce user wait times and improve throughput across wide area networks. This gives the end-user faster, more secure and more cost-effective computing on their existing bandwidth and put an end to expensive bandwidth upgrades.

End-users will benefit from up to 400% application response time improvement and a 200x increase in throughput. In addition the solution (Citrix WANScaler) is able to accelerate all applications over any WAN.

The planned products will combine Microsoft’s core edge firewall technologies with Citrix’s strengths in application acceleration and WAN optimization along with each company’s capabilities in security and access.

The collaboration includes the development and marketing of the technology. The technology is based on Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Firewall which works in tandem to security and optimize the Citrix WANScaler solution.

For more information: http://www.moneyweb.co.za/business_today/203702.ht…

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