ISA Firewalls Now Support Outbound SSL Tunnel Inspection!

ClearTunnel: Close the SSL Hole!

Your ISA web filters are powerless to inspect your outbound (forward proxy) SSL connections for:

  • Unauthorized browsing
  • Viruses, trojan code, web exploits
  • Prohibited content

All this and more can be going on right now right under your firewall’s nose, and since ISA can’t inspect forward SSL connections, you might not find out until too late!

Get the only solution for ISA Server that empowers ISA to see inside SSL tunnels. With ClearTunnel, ISA can leverage these powerful features:

  • Contents of HTTPS connections are exposed to the web proxy as normal HTTP requests/responses.
  • Apply HTTP filter rules to HTTPS connections.
  • Cache forward proxied HTTPS responses, decreasing your external bandwidth usage.
  • Automatically compatible with most third-party web filters, enabling them to see and secure HTTPS traffic as though it was normal HTTP.

More on ClearTunnel:

Collective is currently accepting requests to participate in a Limited Beta program for ClearTunnel. If you’ve got the vision, motivation, and real-world needs to help us make this the best product possible, then we want you! Please drop us a line to sign up.

Collective Software’s ClearTunnel is a earth shaking event for the ISA firewall’s competition. For several month’s Blue Coat had advertised outbound SSL inspection as the major differentiator between itself and the ISA firewall. Now that ISA firewalls support outbound SSL tunnel inspection, only someone with money to burn would even consider an overpriced and underpowered Blue Coat box.



Thomas W Shinder, M.D.




MVP — ISA Firewalls

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